Businesses Collections are found by collecting profits from the businesses on your city. Each business wield different collectibles, for more information on where to find the collectibles see the respective collection page.

Collections Edit

Just Desserts Collection Trade-in Reward
Just Desserts Cupcake-icon Just Desserts Danish-icon Just Desserts Cookie-icon Just Desserts Pie-icon Just Desserts Milk-icon Experience-icon
3 XP
50 Coins
Cupcake Danish Cookie Pie Milk

Garden Collection Trade-in Reward
Garden Roses-icon Garden Lilies-icon Garden Orchids-icon Garden Tulips-icon Garden Daisies-icon Purple Flowers-icon
Purple Flowers
Roses Lilies Orchids Tulips Daisies

Early Riser Collection Trade-in Reward
Early Riser Coffee-icon Early Riser Cream-icon Early Riser Sugar-icon Early Riser Doughnut-icon Early Riser Latte-icon Energy-icon
3 Energy
50 Goods
Coffee Cream Sugar Doughnut Latte

Game Collection Trade-in Reward
Game Handheld Game-icon Game Game Console-icon Game Comic Books-icon Game Board Game-icon Game Toy Robot-icon Energy-icon
3 Energy
50 Coins
Handheld Game Game Console Comic Books Board Game Toy Robot

Fast Food Collection Trade-in Reward
Fast Food Chicken Strips-icon Fast Food Cheeseburger-icon Fast Food French Fries-icon Fast Food Soda-icon Fast Food Ketchup-icon Gray Hen-icon
Gray Hen
Chicken Strips Cheeseburger French Fries Soda Ketchup

Comfort Food Collection Trade-in Reward
Comfort Food Pancakes-icon Comfort Food Eggs and Toast-icon Comfort Food Bacon-icon Comfort Food Buffalo Wings-icon Comfort Food Mac and Cheese-icon Hot Dog Cart-icon
Hot Dog Cart
Pancakes Eggs and Toast Bacon Buffalo Wings Mac and Cheese

Forever Young Collection Trade-in Reward
Forever Young Lipstick-icon Forever Young Hair Brush-icon Forever Young Loofa-icon Forever Young Compact-icon Forever Young Nail Clippers-icon Pink Flowers-icon
Pink Flowers
Lipstick Hair Brush Loofa Compact Nail Clippers

Watering Hole Collection Trade-in Reward
Watering Hole Jukebox-icon Watering Hole Pretzels-icon Watering Hole Dartboard-icon Watering Hole Bar Stool-icon Watering Hole Pool Table-icon Experience-icon
3 XP
3 Energy
Jukebox Pretzels Dartboard Bar Stool Pool Table

Fitness Collection Trade-in Reward
Fitness Sports Drink-icon Fitness Bike Helmet-icon Fitness Cross Trainers-icon Fitness Bike Pump-icon Fitness U Lock-icon Experience-icon
3 XP
50 Coins
Sports Drink Bike Helmet Cross Trainers Bike Pump U Lock

Designer Collection Trade-in Reward
Designer Purse-icon Designer Designer Shades-icon Designer High Heels-icon Designer Boots-icon Designer Clutch-icon Experience-icon
3 XP
50 Coins
Purse Designer Shades High Heels Boots Clutch

French Cuisine Collection Trade-in Reward
French Cuisine Fromage-icon French Cuisine Baguette-icon French Cuisine Beret-icon French Cuisine Croissant-icon French Cuisine French Flag-icon Bird Fountain-icon
Bird Fountain
Fromage Baguette Beret Croissant French Flag

Surf and Turf Collection Trade-in Reward
Surf and Turf Filet Mignon-icon Surf and Turf Shrimp-icon Surf and Turf Crab-icon Surf and Turf Lobster-icon Surf and Turf Oysters-icon Black Cow-icon
Black Cow
Filet Mignon Shrimp Crab Lobster Oysters

Asian Cuisine Collection Trade-in Reward
Asian Cuisine Tea Pot-icon Asian Cuisine Take Out Box-icon Asian Cuisine Fortune Cookies-icon Asian Cuisine Chopsticks-icon Asian Cuisine Egg Rolls-icon Japanese Maple Tree-icon
Japanese Maple Tree
Tea Pot Take Out Box Fortune Cookies Chopsticks Egg Rolls

Bridal Collection Trade-in Reward
Bridal Tuxedo-icon Bridal Tiara-icon Bridal Wedding Dress-icon Bridal Wedding Cake Topper-icon Bridal Engagement Ring-icon Newlywed House-icon
Newlywed House
Tuxedo Tiara Wedding Dress Wedding Cake Topper Engagement Ring

Silver Screen Collection Trade-in Reward
Silver Screen Popcorn-icon Silver Screen Movie Ticket-icon Silver Screen Giant Pretzel-icon Silver Screen 3D Glasses-icon Silver Screen Hot Dog-icon Highway Billboard-icon
Highway Billboard
Popcorn Movie Ticket Giant Pretzel 3D Glasses Hot Dog

Convenience Store Collection Trade-in Reward
Convenience Store Bottled Water-icon Convenience Store Bag of Ice-icon Convenience Store Candy Bar-icon Convenience Store Potato Chips-icon Convenience Store Chewing Gum-icon Experience-icon
3 XP
3 Energy
Bottled Water Bag of Ice Candy Bar Potato Chips Chewing Gum