Cozy Cottage Information
Cozy Cottage-icon
Image © Zynga
Cost Sell Price Population
Coins-icon 200 coins Coins-icon 10 coins Population-icon 10 population
Rent Time Collectibles
Coins-icon 50 coins 1 hour Peaceful Living
Size Build Cost Requires
3x3 Energy-icon 2 energy Level 1

Cozy Cottage is one of the houses in CityVille. It adds Population-icon 10 population to the city and provides a minimum rent of Coins-icon 50 coins every hour.

Construction Edit

Cozy Cottages take a 3x3 space and are built in 2 stages costing a total of Energy-icon 2 energy.

Collection Edit

Collecting rents from the Cozy Cottage have a chance to wield a collectible from the Peaceful Living Collection

Peaceful Living Collection Trade-in Reward
Peaceful Living EZ Chair-icon Peaceful Living Folding Table-icon Peaceful Living Garden Gnome-icon Peaceful Living Bird House-icon Peaceful Living Radio-icon White Picket Fence-icon
White Picket Fence
EZ Chair Folding Table Garden Gnome Bird House Radio