Housing Collections are found by collecting rents from the diferent houses. Each house have a different set of collectibles, for more information on where to find the collectibles see the respective collection page.

Collections Edit

Peaceful Living Collection Trade-in Reward
Peaceful Living EZ Chair-icon Peaceful Living Folding Table-icon Peaceful Living Garden Gnome-icon Peaceful Living Bird House-icon Peaceful Living Radio-icon White Picket Fence-icon
White Picket Fence
EZ Chair Folding Table Garden Gnome Bird House Radio

Suburbia Collection Trade-in Reward
Suburbia Tennis Rackets-icon Suburbia Loveseat-icon Suburbia Vacuum-icon Suburbia Red Wagon-icon Suburbia Computer-icon Red Dog House-icon
Red Dog House
Tennis Rackets Loveseat Vacuum Red Wagon Computer

Main Street Collection Trade-in Reward
Main Street CD Player-icon Main Street House Plant-icon Main Street Coffee Machine-icon Main Street Mini Blinds-icon Main Street Desk Fan-icon Experience-icon
3 XP
50 Coins
CD Player House Plant Coffee Machine Mini Blinds Desk Fan

City Life Collection Trade-in Reward
City Life Satellite Dish-icon City Life Laptop-icon City Life Robot Vacuum-icon City Life Microwave-icon City Life Bean Bag-icon Experience-icon
3 XP
50 Coins
Satellite Dish Laptop Robot Vacuum Microwave Bean Bag

Rural Collection Trade-in Reward
Rural Fireplace-icon Rural Leather Couch-icon Rural Quilt-icon Rural BBQ-icon Rural Dining Table-icon Experience-icon
3 XP
25 Goods
Fireplace Leather Couch Quilt BBQ Dining Table

High Society Collection Trade-in Reward
High Society Crystal Chandelier-icon High Society Chess Set-icon High Society Iron Gate-icon High Society Marble Bust-icon High Society Bird Fountain-icon Driveway Gate-icon
Driveway Gate
Crystal Chandelier Chess Set Iron Gate Marble Bust Bird Fountain

Down Town Collection Trade-in Reward
Down Town Mini Fridge-icon Down Town Hot Tub-icon Down Town Television-icon Down Town Air Conditioner-icon Down Town Sofa Bed-icon Tavern-icon
Mini Fridge Hot Tub Television Air Conditioner Sofa Bed

Jet Setter Collection Trade-in Reward
Jet Setter Golf Clubs-icon Jet Setter LCD TV-icon Jet Setter Waterbed-icon Jet Setter Treadmill-icon Jet Setter Massage Chair-icon Tuxedo Rental-icon
Tuxedo Rental
Golf Clubs LCD TV Waterbed Treadmill Massage Chair