Wheat Information
Image © Zynga
Cost Requirements Time
Coins-icon 71 coins Level 20 or Cash-icon 20 cash 2.1 days
Harvest for Collectibles
Goods-icon 130 goods + Experience-icon 1 XP Wheat

Wheat is one of the crops available to plant in CityVille.
Planting costs no energy, harvesting costs Energy-icon 1 energy and wield:

Harvesting also have a chance of producing:

  • Goods-icon 33, 65 or 130 extra goods (8%, 5% and 2% chance respectively)
  • Experience-icon 1 extra XP (15% chance)
  • Energy-icon 1 energy (5% chance)
  • Collection-menu A collectible from the Wheat Collection (3% chance)

Withered plots don't cost energy to be cleaned.

Growth Table Edit

State Seeds Green Ready Withered
Image Wheat-seeds Wheat-green Wheat-ready Wheat-wither

Collection Edit

Wheat Collection Trade-in Reward
Wheat Flour-icon Wheat Crackers-icon Wheat Muffin-icon Wheat Pasta-icon Wheat Biscuits-icon White Chicken-icon
White Chicken
Flour Crackers Muffin Pasta Biscuits